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Work Day Trip – Essentials to Pack

Work travel, we’ve all done it at some point in our career.  My travel schedule has only increased in the last few years.  I used to dread traveling for work and don’t get me wrong, some days I still do.  I’ve learned to deal with it though through many ways.  One of them being to learn how to pack for a day trip.  I’ve been traveling a fair amount for work this year and day trips are becoming the new norm.  I love them and hate them for all different reasons.  I love them because it’s one day of travel and I don’t have to stay overnight in a hotel, sleeping in my bed is so much better.  I’m an early riser as is, so waking up an hour or so earlier isn’t a huge deal. On day trip travel days I’m out of the office the whole day and I tend to be super efficient with my time and work.  I don’t have any time to waste because I’m flying, traveling between meetings and meeting with clients.  The bad part is I do get car sick so anytime in the car is technically downtime because I can’t read emails or work on anything. I need to watch where I’m going when in a car so nothing gets done at that time. I do use the time on flights wisely though.  I get to catch up on projects that need my undivided attention and the only interruptions I have are getting served a snack or running to the washroom. I tend to be much more focused too, I’m not distracted from the phone ringing or a new email coming in.  I set aside my multi-tasking that I usually do in the office and go project by project until I get everything done. On the other hand I hate day trips because it usually means standing in the security line at the airport, thank goodness for TSA PreCheck!   It also means that I’m out of my element for the day.  And if it’s a super early trip I usually miss my morning workout, which is a big bummer because that’s my time to get psyched for the day.

What I’ve always found challenging is packing for a day trip, I always want to bring everything that I could possibly need, even though I know it’s not necessary.  When I’m in the office I have an arsenal of things in my desk to get me through the day, extra hairspray, Advil, snacks, extra pens, anything to get me through any situation.  When traveling I can’t bring all those luxuries with me. Through the years gotten pretty good and getting down to the bare bones for efficient, light and comfortable work travel.  To help you all out I’m sharing my must haves for the work day trip here.  Check them out!

  1. Purse – The right purse is essential, you want it to be big enough and functional, yet not too big and clunky. I use my Burberry Purse.  It’s a manageable size and great for shoving tons of stuff into it while still holding its shape and looking professional. It also goes with everything and fits perfectly under the airplane seat.
  2. Swell Water Bottle – This water bottle keeps liquids cool for 24 hours and is much healthier then drinking out of a plastic water bottle.  It’s refillable so you can empty it before security at the airport and refill it once you are inside. I’ve opted for a solid white bottle.
  3. Shoes – I usually wear a pair of flats and bring a heel in my bag. I wear my M Gemi Flats, they are ultra stylish and very comfortable.  They are also professional and chic looking.  You immediately look put together by putting these shoes on and your co-workers that you are traveling with will take a second look at them.  I’ve also been known to wear the fold-able Minnie Flats by Tory Burch.  These are a bit more casual and have a round toe, but are ultra comfy.  They are fold-able too, which makes them perfect for small spaces and super soft.  The leather really gives on these, it’s almost as if you aren’t wearing shoes.  The heels I bring with are your standard classic black pump.  I usually slip them on a few minutes before the meeting.  I’m currently wearing the Corso Como.  They have a cushion sole and are easy to walk in.  With any of these shoes I look polished and put together.
  4. IPad and KeyBoard – My IPad and keyboard are essential for work travel.  I am able to use my IPad as a pseudo computer.  It has most functionalities that I need, internet, email access and allows me to type.  It has a small footprint and can easily be used on the tray table on the plane or my lap.  Did I mention how lightweight it is and saves space in my bag.  I use the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard.
  5. iPhone and IPad Charger – I think this goes without saying, you have to have juice when traveling.
  6. Small Snack – I bring my own snacks when I travel for work.  I get hungry at the blink of an eye and I don’t want to be caught without something to snack on.  My go to snacks are KIND Bars, Almonds and Special K bars.
  7. Book – In case all electronic devices die and my eyes and brain need a rest from the screen I turn to a book.  There’s nothing like getting lost in a book for an hour or so.  Some of my current favorites are:  The Widow, The Futures, Big Little Lies.

There you have it, my top 7 essential items for the day trip.  What do you bring with you on day trips, what tips do you have for work travel?  I’d love to hear about them.

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